Best Sleep Tracker 2024: For Accurate Sleep Monitoring

In the journey towards optimal health, understanding and improving sleep has become a key focus. This guide dives into the world of sleep trackers, showcasing devices that stand out for their precision and user-friendly features. Here, we will explore a range of sleep trackers, each offering unique capabilities to help you better understand your sleep patterns. From wearables to innovative apps, these tools are not just about tracking sleep time; they offer insights into the quality of your rest. Get ready to find a sleep tracker that aligns with your health goals and fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

Why Choose a Sleep Tracker?

Sleep trackers have become essential for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality. These handy devices, often part of your smartwatch or fitness tracker, do more than just count the hours you sleep. They delve into the quality of your rest, identifying disruptions and sleep cycles. This is crucial because good sleep is linked to better focus, mood, and overall health. With features like sleep monitoring rings and sleep tracking apps, these gadgets are easy to use and offer valuable insights. By understanding your sleep patterns, you can make small changes for a big impact on your daily energy and well-being.

What Is The Best Sleep Tracker

In the journey towards optimal health, understanding and improving sleep has become a key focus. This guide dives into the world of sleep trackers, showcasing devices that stand out for their precision and user-friendly features. Here, we will explore a range of sleep trackers, each offering unique capabilities to help you better understand your sleep patterns. From wearables to innovative apps, these tools are not just about tracking sleep time; they offer insights into the quality of your rest. Get ready to find a sleep tracker that aligns with your health goals and fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

1. Oura Ring

Best Sleep Tracker Overall

Oura Ring - Best Sleep Tracker

The Oura Ring is a standout in sleep tracking, combining style with functionality. Renowned for its precision in monitoring sleep stages and offering insightful health data, it’s a market leader for those seeking a deeper understanding of their sleep patterns. Its discreet, lightweight design, coupled with a robust set of features like blood oxygen sensing and readiness scores, makes it an ideal choice for anyone serious about enhancing their sleep quality and overall health.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive sleep analysis including sleep stages and daily sleep score.
  • Blood Oxygen (SpO2) sensing for breathing disturbance detection.
  • Bedtime guidance to improve sleep quality.
  • Durable, biocompatible titanium build, water-resistant.
  • Battery life up to 7 days.

Pros and Cons:

  • Highly accurate sleep tracking.
  • Sleek, lightweight design.
  • Versatile health insights including heart rate and temperature trends.
  • Requires a membership for full access to features.
  • May be pricey for some users.

Price Range:
Approximately $299 – $449, varies with additional membership fees.

Who is it For:
The Oura Ring is an ideal sleep tracker for those who value detailed sleep analysis and comprehensive health insights. The Oura Ring’s discreet design and extensive feature set make it perfect for tech enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals seeking in-depth sleep and health data.

2. Withings ScanWatch 2

Best AI-Powered Sleep Tracker

The Withings ScanWatch 2 is a hybrid smartwatch that elegantly combines health tracking with a classic watch design. Offering clinically validated features like ECG and SpO2 measures, it stands out as a health-oriented device, meticulously developed with medical expertise. Its AI sleep tracking, calibrated with leading sleep labs, provides in-depth sleep analysis, making it a top choice for health enthusiasts.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced sleep cycle tracking.
  • Respiratory Wellness Scan for breathing disturbances.
  • Clinically validated ECG and oximetry features.
  • Smart Wake-up function based on sleep stages.
  • Exceptional battery life of up to 30 days.

Pros and Cons:

  • Combines classic watch aesthetics with smart features.
  • Detailed sleep and health tracking.
  • FDA-cleared for medical reliability.
  • Long battery life.
  • May be pricier than other trackers.
  • More suited for health enthusiasts than casual users.

Price Range:
From $349.

Who is it for:
The Withings ScanWatch 2 is ideal for those who appreciate a blend of traditional watch design and modern health tracking technology. It’s especially suitable for users who are serious about in-depth health monitoring, offering clinically validated features in a stylish, everyday wearable.

3. Ultrahuman Ring AIR

A No-Subscription Sleep Tracker Ring

Ultrahuman Ring AIR, renowned as the world’s lightest wearable, excels in sleep and wellness tracking. It’s a standout choice for anyone seeking the best sleep tracker without subscription fees, offering a one-time purchase for lifetime access to both the ring and your personal health data.

Key Features:

  • Detailed sleep stage tracking.
  • Movement and recovery analysis.
  • Innovative Workout Mode for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Stimulant window recommender for optimized caffeine usage.

Pros and Cons:

  • Extremely lightweight and user-friendly.
  • No recurring subscription fees, one-time purchase.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters.
  • 6 days battery life.
  • May have a learning curve for new users.

Price Range:
From $349.

Who is it for:
Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive health tracker without the hassle of ongoing costs.

4. WHOOP 4.0

WHOOP 4.0 is more than just a sleep tracker; it’s a comprehensive wellness tool. It stands out for its precise monitoring of all sleep stages and personalized recovery recommendations, making it a favorite among those serious about fitness and recovery.

Key Features:

  • Tracks all four sleep stages with high accuracy.
  • Monitors wake events, sleep efficiency, and respiratory rate.
  • Personalized sleep coaching and haptic alarm based on recovery needs.
  • Accurate heart rate and HRV tracking.

Pros and Cons:

  • Lab-level sleep tracking accuracy.
  • Personalized bedtime and wake time suggestions.
  • Non-intrusive haptic wake-up alarm.
  • May require a subscription for full feature access.
  • Primarily focused on athletic performance and recovery.

Price Range:
From $205.

Who is it for:
WHOOP 4.0 is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to optimize their performance by understanding and improving their sleep and recovery patterns. Its advanced tracking and actionable insights can help anyone reach their peak performance.

Read our WHOOP 4.0 Review.

5. Fitbit Charge 6

The Fitbit Charge 6 is the latest fitness tracker from Google that integrates seamlessly with Google apps. It is designed to keep you connected and in tune with your body. Offering a suite of health tools and a six-month premium membership, it’s crafted for those who want to take control of their fitness and wellness journey.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Google apps like Maps and Wallet.
  • Extensive exercise tracking with over 40 modes and built-in GPS.
  • Health monitoring features including ECG and SpO2.
  • Vibrant color touchscreen and customizable clock faces.


  • Comprehensive fitness and health tracking.
  • Water-resistant and long battery life.
  • Free 6-month premium Fitbit membership.


  • May be on the pricier side for a fitness tracker.

Price Range:
Approximately $129.

Who is it for:
The Fitbit Charge 6 is ideal for individuals looking to elevate their fitness routine with detailed insights and who appreciate staying connected on the go. Its advanced tracking and Google integrations make it a fit for the tech-savvy and health-focused user.

Top Sleep Tracker Devices Compared

Feature/Criteria Oura Ring Ultrahuman Ring AIR Withings ScanWatch WHOOP 4.0 Fitbit Charge 6
Design Sleek, ring design World’s lightest wearable Classic watch design Sporty band Fitness band with a touchscreen
Sleep Tracking Comprehensive Sleep Index for in-depth analysis Calibrated with sleep labs & PSG Tracks all sleep stages Tracks sleep with heart rate and movement
Health Features Blood oxygen, temperature trends HRV, heart rate & temperature ECG, SpO2, sleep heart rate Recovery score, HRV ECG, irregular heart rhythm notifications
Battery Life Up to 7 days Up to 6 days Up to 30 days Varies, charging needed Up to 7 days
Water Resistance Yes Yes, up to 100m Yes Yes Yes, up to 50m
Price Range $$ $$ $$ Subscription-based $
User Suitability Health-conscious individuals Fitness enthusiasts Health enthusiasts with style preference Athletes focused on performance Everyday users seeking health insights

Key Features to Consider in a Sleep Tracker

When selecting a sleep tracker, consider these crucial features for the best experience:

  • Accuracy: The core of a good sleep tracker. Look for devices proven to accurately track sleep stages, heart rate, and movements. Research and user reviews can guide you here.
  • Wearability: Comfort is key. Whether it’s a lightweight sleep tracking ring or a non-invasive sleep monitoring device, it should fit seamlessly into your nightly routine.
  • Battery Life: Opt for a tracker with long battery life to avoid frequent charging, especially important for wearables like smartwatches.
  • Additional Features: Some sleep trackers offer extras like environmental monitoring or integration with health apps, enhancing their utility.

Choosing the right sleep tracker involves balancing these features with your personal needs and lifestyle, ensuring you get the most out of your sleep tech.

Integrating Sleep Trackers with Lifestyle

Incorporating a sleep tracker into your daily life is straightforward and beneficial. Here’s how you can seamlessly sync these devices with your lifestyle:

  • Connect with Your Smartphone: Most sleep trackers pair with smartphones, allowing you to view detailed sleep data through an app. This integration provides a comprehensive overview of your sleep patterns.
  • Link with Health Apps: By syncing your sleep tracker with health apps, you can combine sleep data with other health metrics. This holistic approach offers insights into how sleep affects your overall health and vice versa.
  • Set and Track Goals: Use the data from your sleep tracker to set sleep goals and track progress. This can help in establishing a consistent sleep routine.
  • Customize for Personal Needs: Many trackers offer customization options. Tailor alerts and reports to focus on aspects most relevant to your sleep health.

Embracing sleep technology in this way can lead to more informed health decisions and a better understanding of your sleep quality.

Sunrise Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker White Noise Soothing Sound Machine
With its sunrise simulation feature, this alarm clock gradually increases the light’s brightness, providing a comfortable and energetic wake-up experience. Equipped with Bluetooth speakers for playing audio. Choose light music or 15 mode white noise to help block disruptive environmental noises so you can fall asleep with ease.

Common Questions About Sleep Trackers

Navigating the world of sleep trackers can be overwhelming. Here are answers to some common queries:

  • What is the best sleep tracker?
    The “best” varies based on individual needs. Devices like Oura Ring and Fitbit Charge 6 offer comprehensive tracking and are highly regarded.
  • What is the best sleep tracker app?
    Apps like SleepScore and Sleep Cycle are popular for their detailed analysis and user-friendly interfaces.
  • What is the best sleep tracker for Apple Watch?
    Apple Watch itself has built-in sleep tracking capabilities, but third-party apps like AutoSleep are also favored.
  • Which Fitbit is the best sleep tracker?
    Fitbit models like the Versa and Fitbit Charge 6 series are known for reliable sleep tracking.
  • Which smartwatch has the best sleep tracker?
    Apart from Fitbit, smartwatches from Withing and Garmin also excel in sleep tracking.
  • Which fitness tracker is best for sleep tracking?
    Fitbit’s Charge series and Withing’s fitness trackers are often recommended for their sleep tracking accuracy.

Remember, the best sleep tracker is the one that aligns with your personal health goals and comfort preferences.

Scientific Perspectives on Sleep Trackers

A study published in Sleep journal evaluated several consumer sleep-tracking devices against polysomnography (PSG), the gold standard for sleep assessment. The research included devices like the Fitbit Alta HR and found that most tested trackers performed on par with or better than standard actigraphy in detecting sleep and wake states, although sleep stage assessments varied. The high sensitivity in detecting sleep suggests that these devices can be promising tools for sleep tracking. However, the study recommends further validation across different populations and conditions for broader applicability​​.

Other scientific reviews have scrutinized the burgeoning market of sleep trackers. A study led by Robbins et al. systematically evaluated commercially available sleep tracking technologies, highlighting the popularity of these devices among the general population and their potential to provide insights into sleep quality.

Meanwhile, researchers Jeon Lee and Joseph Finkelstein provided a critical assessment, noting considerable discrepancies in wake detection accuracy across various devices. Their findings emphasize the necessity of scrutinizing sleep trackers beyond their marketed claims, suggesting a closer look at objective evidence to substantiate their effectiveness in improving sleep management in practical settings​​​​.

Final Thoughts

In our search for the best sleep tracker, we’ve navigated through a realm where technology meets our most peaceful moments. Whether you lean towards the comprehensive health insights of the WHOOP 4.0, the elegant hybrid design of the Withings ScanWatch, or the no-subscription simplicity of the Ultrahuman Ring AIR, each device offers unique benefits to fit your lifestyle.

The key is to choose a sleep tracker that aligns with your personal health goals and integrates smoothly into your daily routine. With the right tool on your wrist or bedside, every night’s sleep can be a step towards better health and vitality.

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Jeon Lee and Joseph Finkelstein from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine critically reviewed the effectiveness of consumer sleep tracking devices and found significant variability in wake detection accuracy among devices. The full study is accessible at PubMed​.

Robbins et al. (2019) conducted a systematic review on commercially available sleep tracking technology, assessing benefits and uncertainties, which can be found in detail in the Current Sleep Medicine Reports

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