Taking to the Skies with Green Power: Alef Aeronautics’ Revolutionary Electric Flying Car Secures FAA Approval

The dream of personal air travel takes a significant leap towards reality as Alef Aeronautics, a pioneering California-based company, gets the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their groundbreaking electric flying car. Paving the way for an innovative revolution in transportation, Alef is now accepting preorders for the aircraft.

The FAA has granted a special airworthiness certification to Alef’s electric vehicle. This certification allows the company to test the vehicle both on the road and in the air, marking an essential milestone towards integrating this innovative technology into everyday transport systems.

Dubbed the “Model A”, Alef’s car takes a unique approach to personal air travel. The vehicle is capable of driving up to 200 miles on public roads and can be comfortably housed in a regular garage. But it also has the capability to take flight, launching vertically and soaring across a range of 110 miles. For consumers seeking extra distance and fuel efficiency, the company also offers a higher-priced hydrogen option.

The “Model A” offers a new paradigm in travel, as it can “fly forward above the obstacles until a desired destination is reached,” according to Alef. The San Mateo-based company credits its unique gimbaled rotating cabin design for the stability of the driver and the cabin during flight.

Alef’s vehicle is not just an engineering marvel but also a practical response to traffic congestion. It can fly in any direction and provides a “cinematic 180 plus degree view” ensuring both a safe and enjoyable flight experience for its passengers.

The Model A, which seats up to two people, is priced at approximately $300,000. Preorders for the vehicle have been robust, with strong interest shown by both individuals and businesses since its unveiling last October.

In response to queries, an FAA spokesperson confirmed the issuance of the Special Airworthiness Certificate for the Armada Model Zero aircraft on June 12, 2023. However, the FAA clarified that the certificate only allows the vehicle to be used for limited purposes, including exhibition, research, and development.

While this certification represents significant progress, Alef and the FAA still have work ahead in refining policies for the takeoff and landing of such vehicles. But the excitement in Alef’s camp is palpable.

“We’re excited to receive this certification from the FAA,” expressed Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny, who co-founded the company in 2015. According to Dukhovny, this certification brings them closer to an environmentally friendly and faster commuting future, saving precious hours for individuals and companies each week.

The inspiration for creating a flying car came to the four co-founders – Jim Dukhovny, Constantine Kisly, Pavel Markin, and Oleg Petrovwere – in 2015, coincidentally the same year in which Marty McFly famously drove a flying car in the movie “Back to the Future II”.

Looking back at the journey, Dukhovny shared: “This is one small step for planes, one giant step for cars.” As Alef’s flying car enters the final stages before public release, the future of personal air travel looks closer than ever.

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