CES 2024 Day 3 Highlights: Unveiling the Future of Tech with Latest Gadgets

As CES 2024 progresses into its third day, the technological landscape continues to be reshaped by an array of groundbreaking gadgets and innovations. This day brought to light a diverse set of products, each epitomizing the spirit of ingenuity and futuristic design.

From health and accessibility solutions like the Gyroglove to advanced transportation concepts such as Hyundai’s S-A2 Air Taxi, and from cutting-edge audio technology to smart home cooking appliances, the array of products showcased the multifaceted nature of modern technology.

These gadgets not only promise to enhance everyday life but also signal a leap towards a more interconnected and efficient future. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of CES 2024’s latest offerings, where creativity meets technology in the most inspiring ways.

1. Health and Accessibility Innovations

Day 3 of CES 2024 highlighted significant advancements in health and accessibility, showcasing gadgets that offer practical solutions to improve daily life for individuals facing various challenges.


One of the standout innovations is the Gyroglove, a wearable device designed to stabilize the hand. This glove is especially beneficial for those with hand tremors, as it employs advanced gyroscopic technology to counteract involuntary movements. The Gyroglove offers newfound control and mobility, making it a breakthrough in assistive technology and a beacon of hope for individuals living with conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

2. Audio Technology Breakthroughs

The third day of CES 2024 unveiled groundbreaking developments in the field of audio technology, promising to redefine the experience of music and sound for users worldwide.

Next-gen MEMS Ultrasonic Solid-state Earbud Drivers

A major leap in earbud technology was showcased with the next-generation MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) ultrasonic solid-state earbud drivers. These components represent the future of true wireless earbuds, combining a MEMS speaker with a dynamic driver to enhance bass performance. Developed by xMEMS, these drivers are set to elevate the audio quality of earbuds, offering users an unprecedented auditory experience. This advancement in audio technology signifies a significant shift towards more immersive and high-fidelity sound in compact devices.

3. Futuristic Transportation

The third day of CES 2024 also brought to light some exhilarating advancements in futuristic transportation, showcasing how mobility is evolving with the integration of cutting-edge technology.

Hyundai’s S-A2 Air Taxi

Hyundai made a significant impact with the debut of its new air taxi concept, the S-A2. This electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle is a follow-up to the S-A1 model introduced in 2020. Designed for urban environments, the S-A2 aims to offer a quick and efficient transportation solution, bypassing ground traffic and redefining urban commute. This concept represents a bold step towards the future of urban transportation, where air travel becomes a daily reality for city dwellers.

4. Advanced Computing and Displays

Day 3 of CES 2024 showcased some remarkable innovations in the realm of computing and display technology, highlighting the industry’s continuous effort to enhance user experience with advanced features.

ASUS ZenScreen Fold

A key highlight in this category is the ASUS ZenScreen Fold, touted as the world’s first foldable OLED portable monitor. This device addresses the limitations of portable monitor sizes by incorporating a flexible OLED panel. Measuring 17.3 inches, the ZenScreen Fold offers a significant upgrade from traditional portable displays. Its ability to fold down to a compact size without compromising screen real estate marks a significant innovation in display technology, providing users with enhanced portability and versatility in their digital workspace.

5. Automotive Technology Integration

The automotive sector at CES 2024 continued to integrate advanced technology, offering new levels of interaction and convenience for drivers and passengers alike.

Volkswagen with ChatGPT Integration

Volkswagen’s integration with ChatGPT stands out as a prime example of this trend. Enhancing its in-car voice assistant, IDA, with ChatGPT, Volkswagen aims to eliminate “dead ends” in voice interactions, providing more comprehensive and responsive assistance to drivers. This integration signifies a significant step forward in making in-car digital assistants more intelligent and helpful, enhancing the overall driving experience.

6. Personal Audio Enhancements

The latest in personal audio technology was also showcased on the third day of CES 2024, featuring advancements that enhance the listening experience for users.

Sennheiser’s Momentum 4 and Momentum Sport Earbuds

Sennheiser introduced their Momentum True Wireless 4 and Momentum Sport earbuds, noted for their exceptional audio performance. These earbuds are designed to deliver superior sound quality, with clear and pleasant tuning. Additionally, they feature improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), allowing users to immerse themselves in their audio environment, whether for music enjoyment or during calls. This advancement highlights Sennheiser’s continued commitment to combining high-quality audio performance with user-friendly features.

7. Unique Mobile Accessories

Day 3 of CES 2024 also brought to the forefront innovative accessories designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of mobile devices.

Clicks Physical Keyboard for iPhone

An intriguing addition in mobile accessories is Clicks, a tactile physical keyboard case designed for iPhones. This accessory reimagines the concept of typing on a smartphone, blending the convenience of modern touchscreen technology with the tactile feedback of physical keys. It addresses the desire for more tangible typing experiences on mobile devices, illustrating how technology can creatively merge new innovations with a touch of nostalgia.

8. Innovative Mobility Devices

The latest day of CES 2024 introduced some innovative mobility devices, offering new and exciting ways to navigate and enhance personal movement.

Moonwalkers by Shift Robotics

A standout innovation in this category is the Moonwalkers by Shift Robotics, a startup spun out of Carnegie Mellon. These are not your typical skates; they are shoes equipped with built-in wheels designed to accelerate human walking. The Moonwalkers and their new model, the Moonwalkers X, offer a unique approach to personal mobility, potentially changing the way we think about and engage in pedestrian movement.

9. Home Cooking Innovations

CES 2024 Day 3 also featured advancements in home cooking technology, highlighting gadgets that blend culinary art with technological convenience.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

A notable introduction in this category is the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker. This innovative kitchen appliance brings the traditional wood pellet smoking experience indoors. Designed for convenience and flavor, it allows users to infuse a rich, smoky taste into various foods within the comfort of their own kitchens. This product is a testament to the evolving landscape of home cooking, where technology is increasingly being used to enhance culinary techniques and experiences.

10. Wearable Tech for Multitasking

Continuing the trend of innovative technology at CES 2024, Day 3 introduced wearable devices designed to boost productivity and multitasking capabilities.

ASUS AirVision M1

A highlight in wearable technology is the ASUS AirVision M1. This device is not your typical eyewear; it’s a wearable display capable of generating multiple virtual screens. This feature allows users to manage several tasks simultaneously, offering a new level of efficiency in multitasking. Equipped with an FHD Micro OLED display, the AirVision M1 offers a broad field of view, making it an ideal tool for professionals and multitaskers seeking to enhance their productivity in a high-tech manner.

11. Innovative Voice Interaction Devices

The third day of CES 2024 also showcased advancements in voice interaction technology, emphasizing discreet and efficient communication.

VTouch WHSP Ring

A unique addition in this domain is the VTouch WHSP Ring. This innovative device is a ring equipped with a proximity sensor and microphone, designed for discreet interactions with voice assistants. The WHSP Ring activates when raised to the mouth, allowing users to communicate with their devices quietly and efficiently. This gadget addresses the need for more subtle and private interactions in the increasingly voice-activated world of ambient computing, offering a novel solution to the challenge of public voice commands.


As we conclude our coverage of Day 3 at CES 2024, it’s clear that innovation knows no bounds. From health and accessibility aids like the Gyroglove to cutting-edge audio technology and futuristic transportation solutions, this day has showcased a multitude of devices that are set to redefine our interaction with technology.

The integration of advanced features in everyday items, such as the ASUS ZenScreen Fold and the VTouch WHSP Ring, highlights a trend towards more personalized and efficient user experiences. These innovations not only exemplify technological prowess but also cater to a wide range of practical needs and preferences, marking another successful day at CES 2024 filled with promise and excitement for the future.

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