CES 2024 Day 4 Innovations: Exciting Tech You Don’t Want To Miss

As the sun rose over the glitzy skyline of Las Vegas this morning, the buzzing excitement of CES 2024 reached a new crescendo. Day 4 of the world’s most anticipated tech event has been a showcase of groundbreaking innovations, each vying to redefine our relationship with technology. From the realm of wearable gadgets that blend fashion with functionality, to the latest strides in eco-friendly transportation, today’s lineup at CES has been nothing short of a tech enthusiast’s dream.

This is not just another day at a tech conference; it’s a glimpse into the future that awaits us. Imagine whispering commands to your phone through a ring, or cars and taxis that not only drive themselves but fly! These are not scenes from a sci-fi movie but real, tangible innovations unveiled today.

Our roundup from CES 2024 Day 4 is designed for everyone from tech aficionados to curious onlookers. We delve into the genius of wearable tech like the ASUS AirVision M1 and the VTouch Whsp Ring, as amazing as the innovative devices we explored in our CES 2024 AI Gadgets article.

Top Tech Reveals: CES 2024 Day 4 Innovations and Gadgets

1. Wearable Tech Advances

ASUS AirVision M1: The Multitasking Marvel

Imagine a world where your computer screen is no longer confined to a physical monitor. Enter the ASUS AirVision M1, a game-changing piece of wearable tech straight out of CES 2024. This device isn’t just another pair of smart glasses; it’s a portable, multi-screen experience designed for the ultimate multitasker.

Equipped with a Full HD Micro OLED display, it boasts a 57-degree vertical field of view, allowing you to view multiple virtual screens simultaneously. Whether you’re a stock trader keeping an eye on the markets, a programmer juggling code, or just someone who loves to have several tabs open at once, the AirVision M1 could redefine productivity as we know it.

VTouch Whsp Ring: Whisper to Technology

In an age where voice assistants are everywhere, the VTouch Whsp Ring brings a new level of discretion and style. This sleek, dark grey ring is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a beacon of futuristic communication. With its built-in proximity sensor and microphone, this ring activates when you raise it to your mouth, allowing you to whisper commands to your phone’s assistant. Gone are the days of shouting “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” across the room.

With the Whsp Ring, a subtle murmur to your knuckle is all it takes to set reminders, send texts, or control smart home devices, offering a new level of convenience and privacy.

2. Electric Vehicles and Eco-Friendly Transportation

Honda’s 0 Series Electric Vehicles: Revolutionizing the EV Space

In an impressive move towards sustainable transportation, Honda unveiled its 0 Series Electric Vehicles at CES 2024, signaling a bold step into the future of eco-friendly travel. The lineup includes the sleek Saloon and the versatile Space-Hub models, showcasing Honda’s commitment to thin, light, yet powerful electric vehicle design.

These concepts embody a fresh perspective in the EV market, typically dominated by bulkier models. With the first commercial model expected to hit North American roads in 2026, Honda’s 0 Series is poised to make a significant impact on how we perceive and interact with electric vehicles.

VinFast VF Wild Electric Pickup Truck: A New Contender in the EV Market

Vietnamese startup VinFast made a splash with the unveiling of their VF Wild Electric Pickup Truck. This isn’t just any pickup truck; it’s a statement in the rapidly evolving EV landscape. The VF Wild boasts midsize dimensions with a unique folding mid-gate, transforming its five-foot bed into a more spacious eight-foot cargo space.

This versatility, coupled with its sleek design and eco-friendly credentials, positions the VF Wild as a serious player in both the utility and environmental sectors. Additionally, VinFast’s announcement to start selling its smallest EV, the VF3, outside of Vietnam, marks a significant expansion of their global footprint in the green mobility space.

Hyundai’s Air Taxi – S-A2: The Future of Urban Air Travel

Taking to the skies, Hyundai Motor Group’s subsidiary Supernal showcased the S-A2, an electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL), at CES 2024. This air taxi isn’t just a concept; it’s a glimpse into the future of urban mobility. Designed for quiet, emission-free operation, the S-A2 can accommodate four passengers and is expected to revolutionize daily commuting in crowded cities.

With a cruising speed of 193 km/h and an altitude of 457 m, this battery-powered aircraft promises to supplement ground transportation by opening up the urban skies. Set to enter the market by 2028, the S-A2 is a bold envisioning of next-gen urban transport solutions.

The eco-conscious advancements in electric vehicles from Honda and VinFast are a continuation of the trends we’ve seen, as highlighted in our coverage on Best Personal Electric Vehicles for Adventure.

3. Smart Home and Health Tech

Serenity Fall-Detection System: Safety and Peace of Mind at Home

In an era where smart home technology is rapidly evolving, the Serenity Fall-Detection System stands out for its innovative approach to safety and peace of mind. Unveiled at CES 2024, this system uses advanced radar technology and AI to monitor up to two individuals within a 40-foot range, even through walls.

Ideal for seniors or anyone needing extra care, Serenity is effortless to use, requiring no app or complicated configurations. Its ability to provide detailed information about someone’s activities and detect falls is a testament to how technology can enhance care and safety in our homes.

Vivoo’s At-Home UTI Test: Health Monitoring Made Simple

Vivoo takes the concept of at-home health monitoring to new heights with its UTI Test, another innovative product showcased at CES 2024. This user-friendly test uses your smartphone’s camera to analyze test strips and provide real-time health insights through a free app.

It streamlines the diagnostic process for urinary tract infections, offering convenience and privacy. Vivoo’s approach to health monitoring underscores the growing trend of empowering individuals to take an active role in their health and wellness using technology.

4. AI and Software Innovations

Google Maps Real-Time Battery Information for EVs: Navigating the Future

Google’s announcement at CES 2024 is a game-changer for electric vehicle users. The new feature in Google Maps, which displays real-time battery information for EVs, bridges the gap between smart mobility and digital convenience.

Integrated seamlessly with Android Auto, this feature empowers drivers with crucial information about their vehicle’s battery life, enhancing the driving experience and alleviating range anxiety.

This innovation is not just a step forward for EV technology; it’s a leap towards a future where our vehicles and digital lives are more interconnected than ever.

Hollo AI’s App for Creating AI Twins: Digital Doppelgängers for Content Creators

Hollo AI’s groundbreaking app introduced at CES 2024 offers a unique tool for content creators – the ability to create AI twins. Using just selfies and voice memos, the app can generate a digital counterpart that interacts and engages with fans in 29 different languages.

This technology opens up new avenues for content creators to expand their reach and connect with audiences globally, even when they are offline. It’s a creative solution that addresses the constant demand for interaction in the digital age, offering creators a way to be present without the burnout.

The pioneering steps in AI and software innovations, much like the ones we’ve detailed previously in our article on AI-Powered Echo Devices, are shaping our world and redefining the boundaries of what technology can achieve. These advancements, highlighted at CES 2024, demonstrate how AI is not just a tool but a transformative force in various sectors – from enhancing everyday gadgets to revolutionizing the way we interact with our environment and each other.

5: Unique and Unexpected Finds

Tack One’s Tack GPS Plus: Keeping Track of What Matters

Tack One, a Singapore-based startup, unveiled its latest innovation at CES 2024 – the Tack GPS Plus. This AI-powered location technology device is a testament to the advancements in personal security and connectivity.

Designed to ensure the safety of children, elderly family members, and pets, the Tack GPS Plus boasts a 30-day battery life and a unique indoor elevation finder feature. It represents a significant step forward in location tracking technology, offering peace of mind with affordability and technological sophistication.

Skyted’s Voice-Capturing Mask: Clear Communication in Any Setting

In an innovative twist on personal protective equipment, Skyted presented its voice-capturing mask at CES 2024. This mask is designed to enhance communication in noisy environments or for individuals with softer voices.

By effectively capturing and transmitting the wearer’s voice, the mask ensures clear communication, a feature especially valuable in crowded or loud settings. It’s a clever blend of health safety and communication technology, addressing the challenges of the modern world.

Samsung’s Foldable OLED Displays: Flexibility Meets Durability

Samsung Display revealed its latest foldable OLED displays, showcasing a significant leap in screen technology. These displays are not only flexible but have also passed rigorous durability tests, including extreme temperature changes and impact resistance.

Folding displays are ideal for various applications, particularly in vehicle interiors where they outperform traditional LCD screens in cold conditions. Samsung’s innovation highlights the potential of OLED technology in creating more adaptable and resilient devices for everyday use.


As CES 2024 Day 4 wraps up, we’re left in awe of the sheer diversity and ingenuity of technological advancements on display. From wearable tech that brings new dimensions to productivity and communication, to electric vehicles paving the way for a greener future, this event has been a testament to the boundless possibilities of human innovation.

The advancements in smart home and health tech show a deepening integration of technology into our personal lives, making everyday tasks simpler and safer. The strides in AI and software innovations are not just about smarter machines, but about creating tools that enhance and simplify human interaction and creativity.

What’s particularly striking, as we’ve also seen in The Future of Gaming: 10 Exciting Innovations for Gamers, is the array of unique and unexpected inventions is the array of unique and unexpected inventions, like the Tack GPS Plus and Skyted’s voice-capturing mask, which remind us that technology is constantly evolving in exciting new directions. Samsung’s foldable OLED displays are a clear indication of the future of durable, adaptable screen technology.

As we close our summary of CES 2024 Day 4, it’s clear that the future is not just about technology; it’s about how these technological advancements intertwine with every aspect of our lives. We’re not just observing the future; we’re actively stepping into it, one innovation at a time.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest and most groundbreaking developments from the world of technology. CES 2024 is not just a showcase of gadgets; it’s a window into tomorrow.

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